Astra Invest in Vehicle Fleet to Reduce Footprint

Investment in Vehicle Fleet

Continual investment in improving the service Astra can offer its customers has always been a fundamental value of the company. Modernising our processes and reducing our costs so that we can keep our prices low is just one of the ways we like to do this. That’s why we’ve invested over £250,000 in new vehicle fleet to improve efficiency and reduce our environmental footprint.

The new fleet of Mitsubishi Canters, Nissan Cab-stars and Nissan service vans are all designed to carry the hire fleet in the most efficient way possible; this includes fully equipped tool boxes for onsite breakdowns and fully compliant Cross Rail and FORS decals. The vehicles represent signigficant savings in fuel and also in downtime due to servicing intervals.

These fleet additions also enable us to provide a fully ‘nationwide’ service and support function. GPS tracking allows the most efficient deployment of resources across the vehicle fleet and the Nissan Cabstar delivery vehicles use a clever combination of design layout and the latest Euro5 diesel engines to save up to 10% of our annual fuel consumption. In addition all drivers will undertake additional non mandatory training in accordance with the FORS accreditation to help improve vehicle safety and increase their environmental awareness.

Shear cutting, its plane and simple

It’s not every day you get a call for a Shear capable of dissecting a boeing 737, but when you do it’s a pretty awesome site to witness.The plane is one of two to be dismantled, however, many of the fuselage panels and other parts can be certified for reuse so a shear that can cut with precision was key to the success of the project.

The HSS 18V scrap shear was chosen because of its specially engineered ‘parrot like’ jaw. This prevents snagging and tearing of sheet metals and gives a cleaner cut with minimal maintenance needed on the jaw. It also allows for a non-destructive method of breaking up the aircraft into smaller, more easily managed sections, so that many of its valuable parts can be retained for further use, either as replacement parts or as something else entirely.

The company involved in the aircraft decommissioning project are new entrants to the market and had the HSS 18V on hire for several weeks to evaluate the attachment prior to making a decision to purchase.’With workload likely to increase as more jets reach the end of their working lives in the sky, we needed a stable and reliable bit of equipment that would allow us to work quickly, accurately and in a relatively non destructive manner. The HSS 18V fits the brief perfectly and has been very easy to get used to operating also.’

This model of shear, due to it’s simplicity, reliability and limited number of moving parts, has been used in several nuclear and off shore decommissioning projects – where the ability to swap and maintain equipment is almost impossible and incredibly costly where it can be done at all.