Bring in the BIG GUYS – Harworth Coillery Demolition

Bring in the BIG GUYS – Harworth Coillery Demolition

On 11th April 2016 the iconic Harworth Colliery tower, a relic of the mining industry in North Nottinghamshire, was finally taken down.

The demolition didn’t quite go to plan with hundreds turning out on Sunday morning for the planned explosion – but were left disappointed after explosives failed to fell this iconic tower.

Sadly few were around to capture its final moments as the explosives had another shot and it finally toppled on Monday morning, but once the tower was down and the site declared safe, the demolition contractors brought in the big guns, an army of 30 and 40 ton excavators fully loaded with Trevi Benne Shears, Pulverizers and Soosan Breakers  supplied by Astra Site Services. The attachments made quick work of the demolition, taking just over a week to demolish the remainder of the building, readying the waste for recycle and scrap.

The site will now be cleared for housing.