Trevi Benne Turns Up the Pressure

Astra Site Services have been making the most of their status as the UK’s sole distributor for Italian demolition specialist attachment manufacturer Trevi Benne. Since being awarded the dealership, Astra, have added over a £1 million worth of Trevi Benne Equipment to their own hire fleet. The addition boosts the range of attachments they have to offer significantly, whilst enhancing UK operators knowledge of the Trevi Benne brand.

Three Times More from Trevi Benne

Trevi Benne have been producing industry leading excavator attachments for over twenty years, developing a loyal repeat customer base, who are impressed by the brands reliability and performance and value for money.
The most recent offering from Trevi Benne blends their reputation for hard wearing, reliable equipment with modern design and more power at lower operating costs.

Designed to operate with maximum power and fuel efficiency.

The 3V premium line of attachments has been developed in response to customer feedback, extensive research, and thousands of hours of on site testing. 3V offers operators large increases in power while boasting impressive reductions in operating costs. Reducing the weight of the attachment without losing strength means it is less resource intensive and more manoeuvrable. Cutting the time it takes for the attachment jaws to complete a full open-close cycle, should mean less time on site, all of this leading to an estimated 20% cut in fuel consumption, something that will attract many operators.

So where does all this extra power come from?

Trevi Benne have designed a system that they call the ‘Impact Booster’. This automated system increases operating pressure from 250 bar to over 750 bar by multiplying the excavators own pressure system, increasing ability to cut through hard materials. The 3V units are Built using Hardox steel ensuring the range is more than a match for anything it is likely to meet on a site.

Trevi benne Impact Booster
The valve effectively triples the hydraulic pressure from the excavator when required.

Features and Benefits

 An built in hydraulic device that allows you to multiply the hydraulic pressure provided by the excavator.
 Lower operating pressure and lower flow.
 Fuel consumption reduced by 20%
 Reduced cycle time, opening/closing in 3.5 seconds
 Reduction in overall weight equipment.
 Increase power performance by 25%

Astra Site Services have the full range of Trevi Benne products available for sale and hire in the UK with full dealership and support network in place, call our sales team now for more information or leave your details in the form below and we’ll call you back.

Trevi Benne Premium Line Product Catalogue
Trevi Benne Product Catalogue 2016

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