Astra Sales Team Visit Trevi Benne

This week team from Astra Site Services visited attachment supplier Trevi Benne, based in Noventa Vicentina, Italy. The team from Astra’s central hire desk based in Selkirk in the Scottish Borders were there to develop their product knowledge and gain a better understanding of the many different markets that Trevi Benne’s attachments can be utilised in.

Specialised Attachments

Widely known for their specialist decommissioning, demolition and mining attachments, Trevi Benne have expanded their offer in recent times to provide a wide range of attachments to suit a diverse range of applications from recycling to forestry management. They have also gained critical industry acclaim for their range of ‘impact booster’ attachments, a specialist range with an ability to mulitply the force of the hydraulic pressure from the excavator by several times its normal levels, thus increasing the power and speed of operation.

power cropper production
Final production of 2 Jaw Power Cropper

On a tour of the factory, the Astra team got to see several of our own orders on the production line, with Export Manager Paolo Cappelletti on hand to explain the materials and processes used to manufacture the Trevi Benne attachments.
The Astra team then got to see a small demonstration of some of the attachments in action as well as some case studies of some prestigious and challenging projects that Trevi Benne equipment has been employed on across the Globe.

A multikit processor hydraulic attachment
A Trevi Benne Multikit Processor heads to its new Astra Site Services customer

All of the staff fortunate enough to make the trip to Italy found the visit to Trevi Benne to be extremely informative and enjoyable. Trevi Benne attachments have formed an important part of the Astra fleet since the company took over as sole UK dealers for the Italian brand in 2015.

These visits allow our staff to develop knowledge gained whilst at the factory and will enable the team to assist our customers in making the correct choices when it comes to selecting attachments from the Trevi Benne range and to be better placed to answer enquiries regarding the hire and sales of this equipment in the UK.

Trevi Benne Product Catalogue 2016

Trevi Benne Product Catalogue 2016Trevi Benne Premium Line Product Catalogue
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