Hydraulic Attachment Servicing at Astra


Hydraulic Attachment Servicing saves your business money. In company yards all over Britain, valuable attachments lie dormant and rusting in the rain, suffering from a leak here, or a bent chisel there.
Just because these tools no longer perform the way they did when new, doesn’t mean they aren’t still viable, and fixing these problems might cost a lot less than you think.

Treat it Like a Car

In the same way a car needs it’s oil and water topped up, tyres checked, and belts need changed, hydraulic attachment servicing is essential too. Attachments with Moving parts need to be checked, seals can leak, chisels break or bend and wear to pistons and tie rods can cause seizures that can destroy a unit beyond economical repair.
This means you could be writing off thousands of pounds of plant equipment that when properly serviced, would have had many useful years of life left making money.

breaker tie rod replacement
Tie Rod replacement

The good news is that most problems can be easily fixed and in many cases avoided with a little TLC.

Whilst operating hydraulic attachments there are a few ‘golden rules’ to live by:-

• Before operating attachement perform a visual inspection and test pressures
• On colder days a slow warm up to full operating can help warm parts and prevent problems
• If your attachment requires greasing (breakers particularly) then this should be done every two hours
• Perform a visual inspection after each job to spot anything bent or cracked
• Heavily used attachments should have a full service annually

Piston being changed on hydraulic breaker
Inspecting the Piston from an SB121 Breaker

Hydraulic Attachment Servicing saves time and money

Having Astra Site Services perform your hydraulic attachment servicing will ensure that your equipment is running at its best. This means better performance and more efficient operation with fewer interruptions caused by failures or breakdowns, allowing you to spend more of your time on the job at hand.

Damaged Beyond Repair

Occasionally the attachments we see in our service centres have had a harder than usual life, the damage to the attachment puts it beyond economic repair. If you have a Breaker or other attachment that falls into this category, we can work with you to supply a replacement from our vast stock of fully refurbished ex-fleet attachments. These attachments all come with the peace of mind that they have been refurbished to factory standard with OEM parts.They have also had a full hydraulic test before being placed on sale, at a price that is guaranteed not to break the bank!

new breaker chisel
Factory OEM parts are held to service most makes

Call Our Experts NOW

If you have attachments in your yard that need a service, or just have a technical query, our product specialists would be happy to hear from you.
We can collect and deliver nationwide and can have your attachment back before you need it. Alternately we can also supply a wide range of hydraulic attachment servicing parts if you wish to attempt reapairs yourself.

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