Taets Pile Cropping Attachments

Astra Site Services have developed an excellent relationship with Dutch Pile Cropping manufacturers Taets. Since taking on sole distribution rights for the UK and Ireland for the brand, Astra has seen demand for its Pile Cropping equipment rise steadily.

Taets produce croppers for all types of Piling. The company has croppers for square piles from 150mm up to 600mm and hexagonal piles up to 400mm. These hydraulic attachments operate with little need for excavation round the pile and it’s ease of operation and speed means that up to 200 piles per 8 hour shift can be cropped in close proximity.
This extremely well proven concept has been the mainstay of the companies business for over 30 years and the simple maintenance and ease of connection makes it a favourite on site too. The square cropper is a lightweight attachment and is therefore ideal for use on smaller excavators.

Taets Pile Cropping Equipment UK
Astra Site Services offer the full range of Taets equipment

Taets type 340 and 380 linked croppers are highly modular systems that can be simply adjusted to each pile diameter on site up to a giant 1800mm. The breaking will leave reinforcement bars intact and guarantees no cracks below the cut off level.

The breaking process is many times faster then the conventional breaking and is fully controlled throughout it’s operation.
Handling and maintenance of the pile cropper is very simple and there is no requirement special skills. To adjust the pile cropper accurately to the pile features, “half-links” are available for both types. Because the “half-links” are without hydraulic cylinders, they can easily be added to or removed from the pile cropper.

Astra Site Services also provides a range of 2 Jaw and 4 Jaw power cropping attachments for hire, ensuring that whatever the confines of the site you are operating on we have the solution you require to complete your piling project with ease and efficiency.

Taets Linked Cropper

Astra Site Services were recently called upon to provide a solution to cropping the largest piles currently installed on any site in the UK, at the prestigious Battersea Power Station redevelopment project in central London.
One of our Taets 380 linked croppers was employed to crop the enormous 1800mm steel reinforced piles and made the job look easy, cutting the concrete cleanly and leaving the reinforcement completely in tact. This saves considerable man hours over cutting these piles manually or through hydro-cutting and because of the linked cropper design, different sized piles can be handled on site without significant delays to change over attachments.

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