Choosing Your Supplier


Excavator Attachment Hire, Choose a Specialist Supplier to get the Best Equipment Advice.

Hydraulic excavator attachments have become an essential addition for a range of construction and demolition tasks, with each attachment vastly increasing the efficiency of the excavator on site by multiplying its potential uses. Hydraulic attachments are each designed to perform a specific task, choosing the correct attachment can make a big difference to how efficient your excavator is, and how profitable your project will be.

A brief search online will reveal many businesses offering excavator attachment hire, but choosing your supplier carefully can be time well spent, price is not the only factor to consider when deciding who to hire from. It is important to consider the quality of the equipment on offer, its availability and what support is offered to you, should something go wrong with your hired equipment.

Because of the wide range of excavator attachments available, and the many different models of excavator operated, it would be impractical for any one company to have a stock of everything available to match each of their excavators. Specialist attachments can be highly expensive yet the requirement for such an attachment might only be very occasional and even then, for a relatively short period. The answer is to hire the required attachment from a reputable dedicated attachment hire specialist and then simply off-hire it without further cost once the use for it has ended.

The most common of all excavator attachments, after digging buckets, are Hydraulic Breakers, designed to break concrete and commonly used in demolition, road-works and site clearance applications.

Some Other common attachments are; –

Grapples or Grabs – used during demolition, recycling and to remove and sort debris during site clearance works.

Land Rakes – used for site clearing and removing top vegetation as well as waterway dredging.

Compaction plates – Compact soft or uneven ground with greater force than a roller

Augers – hole boring attachment which is often attached to mini excavators for fencing operations

Specialised Excavator Attachments

More complex site operations call for more specialised attachments such as Demolition Crushers, Multi Processors, and Shears all of which can be used to decommission large and complex structures in an efficient manner. The costs of purchasing these attachments can run to many tens of thousands of pounds, and this is where your excavator attachment hire specialist comes in, offering sound advice on choice and size of attachment based on the model of excavator it is to operate on, and its role.

Astra Site Services provides Hydraulic Attachment Hire, Sales and Services Nationwide

Astra Site Services – Attachments for Every Excavator

One of the leading suppliers of specialist hydraulic excavator attachments in the UK, Astra Site Services, have an extensive range of attachments for every excavator coupled with an experienced and dedicated team who can arrange demonstrations and issue advice on the correct attachment for the project. They can then supply it to any site in the country and fit and test the attachment on the excavator that it will be used on, drastically reducing the chance of a problem arising during the hire period. Once use of the attachment is completed and has been off-hired by the client, the charges stop and the item is collected for servicing before it is re-hired.

A reputable hire company is essential to ensure access to quality equipment. There are often differences between manufacturers and some attachments will therefore be more effective than others.

Astra Site Services have operated as sole UK dealer to some of the world’s leading brands and currently represent specialist manufacturers in several different fields (Trevi Benne demolition attachments, Erkat cutter attachments, Taets Pile Cropping attachments and Soosan hydraulic breakers).

Each of these brands is a global leader in their field and thus Astra Site Services provides one of the largest special purpose hire fleets in the UK, specialising ONLY in attachments and not providing wider hire options such the excavators themselves. This results in a higher standard of equipment for hire and more in depth product knowledge, a major benefit to contractors.

Location is another factor to consider when hiring excavator attachments. Due to the weight of some of the attachments transport costs of delivery and collection can add up. To reduce this, you should always look to develop a relationship with a company that provides nationwide coverage through a network of local depots.

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