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When it comes to your car it’s simple, you look after it, keep it topped up with oil, petrol, water, check the tyres, regular servicing and MOTs, so why should it be any different for your excavator attachments?

Take your hydraulic breaker, the most common of all hydraulic excavator attachments. How many are left to rust in the corner of a yard because they’re running slow, the chisel is broken or maybe it’s got a slight oil leak?

Most problems can be easily fixed and in many cases avoided with a little TLC. Here are a few handy hints and tips from our repair team!

Greasing your Breaker

Greasing your breaker regularly (every 2 working hours) through the greasing point will not only improve its on-site performance, regular greasing also prevents excessive wear on the chisel, tool bush, upper bush and tool retainer.

Servicing your Breaker

A regular service (once a year for heavily used breakers) will help prevent small problems escalating into larger, more expensive ones. During a routine service the breakers’ rubber seals are generally replaced, prolonging the life of the breaker and gas levels are checked for optimum on site performance.

Preventing Snapped Chisels

It’s 8am on a cold, dark January morning. The thermometer reads -2, you fire up your breaker, aim it at a huge slab of concrete and before you know it – snap! There goes the Chisel!!

We see it every year – yet it can be prevented with a little pre-heating!

Now, you can’t stick a bob-hat on it and give it a brew, so in freezing temperatures just 5 minutes of gentle use will heat the chisel and help prevent unnecessary breakages.

Chisels are more likely to break because they’re made of carbon steel, which becomes brittle in freezing temperatures and thus more susceptible to breaking on heavy impact.

For any advice on attachment maintenance contact our technical support team on 07889 603473, call your nearest depot to book a routine service.



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