Lets hear it for the GIRLS

Once again the ladies from Astra Site Services (and one brave man) show they are tough little cookies and take on the JCB Mud Run.

The now well established event raises money each year for the NSPCC and teams take on a 5 mile route filled with muddy obstacles carved out of the grounds surrounding JCB HQ in Staffordshire.

Every year Astra enters at least 2 teams and every year its the girls who answer the call of the mud! 8 foot walls, endless Mud Pits and the tyre trap from hell proved no problem to this team of plucky women and training has already begun for next years JCB Mud Run….. is anyone up for taking them on???

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Rail Live 2017 – Preview

Rail Live 2017 – It’s that time of year again when the Orange Army gather in a hot and sticky field just outside Stratford Upon Avon to share ideas,  enjoy a cold beer and have a good old catch up!

Rail Live is genuinely one of the best exhibitions in the UK for sharing innovations as well as a great place to network and make new acquaintances. Astra will be exhibiting for the fourth time and again the Network rail Approved ARC Rail Croppers will be on show along with several other rail plant attachments. If you’re not already registered as a visitor you still can via the Rail Live  website and we hope to see you there!

  • Not seen the ARC in action yet? check out the video online

For more information about the ARC call Charlotte on +44 (0) 7912 595685 or email c.evans@astrasiteservices.co.uk

Deutschland here we come! IAF Rail Show 2017

The ARC, Astra Rail Cropper, is heading for Germany, set to be unveiled for the first time in Europe at the IAF Rail Show for Track Technology.

With the Astra Rail Cropper widely in use across the UK the time has come to go continental! At the end of the month we’ll be exhibiting at the IAF Rail Show in Munster. If you’re heading over please come visit us at stand B517 (Outside area – opposite Rail Products).

  • ARC Units available for sale or hire nationwide
  • Full Network Rail Product Approval
  • Crops scrap rail in any position (standing up/canted over)

Not seen the ARC in action yet? check out the video now


Hiring Attachments? Choose a Specialist Company

Excavator Attachment Hire, Choose a Specialist Supplier to get the Best Equipment Advice.

Hydraulic excavator attachments have become an essential addition for a range of construction and demolition tasks, with each attachment vastly increasing the efficiency of the excavator on site by multiplying its potential uses. Hydraulic attachments are each designed to perform a specific task, choosing the correct attachment can make a big difference to how efficient your excavator is, and how profitable your project will be.

A brief search online will reveal many businesses offering excavator attachment hire, but choosing your supplier carefully can be time well spent, price is not the only factor to consider when deciding who to hire from. It is important to consider the quality of the equipment on offer, its availability and what support is offered to you, should something go wrong with your hired equipment.

Because of the wide range of excavator attachments available, and the many different models of excavator operated, it would be impractical for any one company to have a stock of everything available to match each of their excavators. Specialist attachments can be highly expensive yet the requirement for such an attachment might only be very occasional and even then, for a relatively short period. The answer is to hire the required attachment from a reputable dedicated attachment hire specialist and then simply off-hire it without further cost once the use for it has ended.

The most common of all excavator attachments, after digging buckets, are Hydraulic Breakers, designed to break concrete and commonly used in demolition, road-works and site clearance applications.

Some Other common attachments are; –

Grapples or Grabs – used during demolition, recycling and to remove and sort debris during site clearance works.

Land Rakes – used for site clearing and removing top vegetation as well as waterway dredging.

Compaction plates – Compact soft or uneven ground with greater force than a roller

Augers – hole boring attachment which is often attached to mini excavators for fencing operations

Specialised Excavator Attachments

More complex site operations call for more specialised attachments such as Demolition Crushers, Multi Processors, and Shears all of which can be used to decommission large and complex structures in an efficient manner. The costs of purchasing these attachments can run to many tens of thousands of pounds, and this is where your excavator attachment hire specialist comes in, offering sound advice on choice and size of attachment based on the model of excavator it is to operate on, and its role.

Astra Site Services provides Hydraulic Attachment Hire, Sales and Services Nationwide

Astra Site Services – Attachments for Every Excavator

One of the leading suppliers of specialist hydraulic excavator attachments in the UK, Astra Site Services, have an extensive range of attachments for every excavator coupled with an experienced and dedicated team who can arrange demonstrations and issue advice on the correct attachment for the project. They can then supply it to any site in the country and fit and test the attachment on the excavator that it will be used on, drastically reducing the chance of a problem arising during the hire period. Once use of the attachment is completed and has been off-hired by the client, the charges stop and the item is collected for servicing before it is re-hired.

A reputable hire company is essential to ensure access to quality equipment. There are often differences between manufacturers and some attachments will therefore be more effective than others.

Astra Site Services have operated as sole UK dealer to some of the world’s leading brands and currently represent specialist manufacturers in several different fields (Trevi Benne demolition attachments, Erkat cutter attachments, Taets Pile Cropping attachments and Soosan hydraulic breakers).

Each of these brands is a global leader in their field and thus Astra Site Services provides one of the largest special purpose hire fleets in the UK, specialising ONLY in attachments and not providing wider hire options such the excavators themselves. This results in a higher standard of equipment for hire and more in depth product knowledge, a major benefit to contractors.

Location is another factor to consider when hiring excavator attachments. Due to the weight of some of the attachments transport costs of delivery and collection can add up. To reduce this, you should always look to develop a relationship with a company that provides nationwide coverage through a network of local depots.

Taets Pile Cropping Attachments

Astra Site Services have developed an excellent relationship with Dutch Pile Cropping manufacturers Taets. Since taking on sole distribution rights for the UK and Ireland for the brand, Astra has seen demand for its Pile Cropping equipment rise steadily.

Taets produce croppers for all types of Piling. The company has croppers for square piles from 150mm up to 600mm and hexagonal piles up to 400mm. These hydraulic attachments operate with little need for excavation round the pile and it’s ease of operation and speed means that up to 200 piles per 8 hour shift can be cropped in close proximity.
This extremely well proven concept has been the mainstay of the companies business for over 30 years and the simple maintenance and ease of connection makes it a favourite on site too. The square cropper is a lightweight attachment and is therefore ideal for use on smaller excavators.

Taets Pile Cropping Equipment UK
Astra Site Services offer the full range of Taets equipment

Taets type 340 and 380 linked croppers are highly modular systems that can be simply adjusted to each pile diameter on site up to a giant 1800mm. The breaking will leave reinforcement bars intact and guarantees no cracks below the cut off level.

The breaking process is many times faster then the conventional breaking and is fully controlled throughout it’s operation.
Handling and maintenance of the pile cropper is very simple and there is no requirement special skills. To adjust the pile cropper accurately to the pile features, “half-links” are available for both types. Because the “half-links” are without hydraulic cylinders, they can easily be added to or removed from the pile cropper.

Astra Site Services also provides a range of 2 Jaw and 4 Jaw power cropping attachments for hire, ensuring that whatever the confines of the site you are operating on we have the solution you require to complete your piling project with ease and efficiency.

Taets Linked Cropper

Astra Site Services were recently called upon to provide a solution to cropping the largest piles currently installed on any site in the UK, at the prestigious Battersea Power Station redevelopment project in central London.
One of our Taets 380 linked croppers was employed to crop the enormous 1800mm steel reinforced piles and made the job look easy, cutting the concrete cleanly and leaving the reinforcement completely in tact. This saves considerable man hours over cutting these piles manually or through hydro-cutting and because of the linked cropper design, different sized piles can be handled on site without significant delays to change over attachments.

Find Out More About Astra SIte Services range of Pile Croppers and Pile Hammers

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Astra Sales Team Visit Trevi Benne

This week team from Astra Site Services visited attachment supplier Trevi Benne, based in Noventa Vicentina, Italy. The team from Astra’s central hire desk based in Selkirk in the Scottish Borders were there to develop their product knowledge and gain a better understanding of the many different markets that Trevi Benne’s attachments can be utilised in.

Specialised Attachments

Widely known for their specialist decommissioning, demolition and mining attachments, Trevi Benne have expanded their offer in recent times to provide a wide range of attachments to suit a diverse range of applications from recycling to forestry management. They have also gained critical industry acclaim for their range of ‘impact booster’ attachments, a specialist range with an ability to mulitply the force of the hydraulic pressure from the excavator by several times its normal levels, thus increasing the power and speed of operation.

power cropper production
Final production of 2 Jaw Power Cropper

On a tour of the factory, the Astra team got to see several of our own orders on the production line, with Export Manager Paolo Cappelletti on hand to explain the materials and processes used to manufacture the Trevi Benne attachments.
The Astra team then got to see a small demonstration of some of the attachments in action as well as some case studies of some prestigious and challenging projects that Trevi Benne equipment has been employed on across the Globe.

A multikit processor hydraulic attachment
A Trevi Benne Multikit Processor heads to its new Astra Site Services customer

All of the staff fortunate enough to make the trip to Italy found the visit to Trevi Benne to be extremely informative and enjoyable. Trevi Benne attachments have formed an important part of the Astra fleet since the company took over as sole UK dealers for the Italian brand in 2015.

These visits allow our staff to develop knowledge gained whilst at the factory and will enable the team to assist our customers in making the correct choices when it comes to selecting attachments from the Trevi Benne range and to be better placed to answer enquiries regarding the hire and sales of this equipment in the UK.

Trevi Benne Product Catalogue 2016

Trevi Benne Product Catalogue 2016Trevi Benne Premium Line Product Catalogue
If you would like to know more about hiring or buying Trevi Benne attachments through Astra Site Services please fill in the callback form below or call 01750 700322

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Hydraulic Attachment Servicing at Astra

Hydraulic Attachment Servicing saves your business money. In company yards all over Britain, valuable attachments lie dormant and rusting in the rain, suffering from a leak here, or a bent chisel there.
Just because these tools no longer perform the way they did when new, doesn’t mean they aren’t still viable, and fixing these problems might cost a lot less than you think.

Treat it Like a Car

In the same way a car needs it’s oil and water topped up, tyres checked, and belts need changed, hydraulic attachment servicing is essential too. Attachments with Moving parts need to be checked, seals can leak, chisels break or bend and wear to pistons and tie rods can cause seizures that can destroy a unit beyond economical repair.
This means you could be writing off thousands of pounds of plant equipment that when properly serviced, would have had many useful years of life left making money.

breaker tie rod replacement
Tie Rod replacement

The good news is that most problems can be easily fixed and in many cases avoided with a little TLC.

Whilst operating hydraulic attachments there are a few ‘golden rules’ to live by:-

• Before operating attachement perform a visual inspection and test pressures
• On colder days a slow warm up to full operating can help warm parts and prevent problems
• If your attachment requires greasing (breakers particularly) then this should be done every two hours
• Perform a visual inspection after each job to spot anything bent or cracked
• Heavily used attachments should have a full service annually

Piston being changed on hydraulic breaker
Inspecting the Piston from an SB121 Breaker

Hydraulic Attachment Servicing saves time and money

Having Astra Site Services perform your hydraulic attachment servicing will ensure that your equipment is running at its best. This means better performance and more efficient operation with fewer interruptions caused by failures or breakdowns, allowing you to spend more of your time on the job at hand.

Damaged Beyond Repair

Occasionally the attachments we see in our service centres have had a harder than usual life, the damage to the attachment puts it beyond economic repair. If you have a Breaker or other attachment that falls into this category, we can work with you to supply a replacement from our vast stock of fully refurbished ex-fleet attachments. These attachments all come with the peace of mind that they have been refurbished to factory standard with OEM parts.They have also had a full hydraulic test before being placed on sale, at a price that is guaranteed not to break the bank!

new breaker chisel
Factory OEM parts are held to service most makes

Call Our Experts NOW

If you have attachments in your yard that need a service, or just have a technical query, our product specialists would be happy to hear from you.
We can collect and deliver nationwide and can have your attachment back before you need it. Alternately we can also supply a wide range of hydraulic attachment servicing parts if you wish to attempt reapairs yourself.

Contact our Major repairs centre on 01506 650000 or fill out the contact form below:-

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Trevi Benne Turns Up the Pressure

Astra Site Services have been making the most of their status as the UK’s sole distributor for Italian demolition specialist attachment manufacturer Trevi Benne. Since being awarded the dealership, Astra, have added over a £1 million worth of Trevi Benne Equipment to their own hire fleet. The addition boosts the range of attachments they have to offer significantly, whilst enhancing UK operators knowledge of the Trevi Benne brand.

Three Times More from Trevi Benne

Trevi Benne have been producing industry leading excavator attachments for over twenty years, developing a loyal repeat customer base, who are impressed by the brands reliability and performance and value for money.
The most recent offering from Trevi Benne blends their reputation for hard wearing, reliable equipment with modern design and more power at lower operating costs.

Designed to operate with maximum power and fuel efficiency.

The 3V premium line of attachments has been developed in response to customer feedback, extensive research, and thousands of hours of on site testing. 3V offers operators large increases in power while boasting impressive reductions in operating costs. Reducing the weight of the attachment without losing strength means it is less resource intensive and more manoeuvrable. Cutting the time it takes for the attachment jaws to complete a full open-close cycle, should mean less time on site, all of this leading to an estimated 20% cut in fuel consumption, something that will attract many operators.

So where does all this extra power come from?

Trevi Benne have designed a system that they call the ‘Impact Booster’. This automated system increases operating pressure from 250 bar to over 750 bar by multiplying the excavators own pressure system, increasing ability to cut through hard materials. The 3V units are Built using Hardox steel ensuring the range is more than a match for anything it is likely to meet on a site.

Trevi benne Impact Booster
The valve effectively triples the hydraulic pressure from the excavator when required.

Features and Benefits

 An built in hydraulic device that allows you to multiply the hydraulic pressure provided by the excavator.
 Lower operating pressure and lower flow.
 Fuel consumption reduced by 20%
 Reduced cycle time, opening/closing in 3.5 seconds
 Reduction in overall weight equipment.
 Increase power performance by 25%

Astra Site Services have the full range of Trevi Benne products available for sale and hire in the UK with full dealership and support network in place, call our sales team now for more information or leave your details in the form below and we’ll call you back.

Trevi Benne Premium Line Product Catalogue
Trevi Benne Product Catalogue 2016

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‘Doing It For Dad’

On 1st August 9 year old Alfie Baugh embarks on a 90 mile walk to raise money and awareness for Diabetes UK. He’s ‘doing it for Dad’. Alfie’s Dad (and Astra Veteran), Dave, has type 1 diabetes and will be accompanying Alfie on the mammoth walk from Manchesters’ Diabetes Centre to the Wolverhampton Diabetes Centre.

The walk will take them 6 days and they’ll be joined by various people along the way. If you are interested in joining Alfie for a day or two, want to follow his progress, or can show your support by donating please visit www.justgiving.com/Alfie-George-Baugh

Everyone at Astra would like to wish them the very best of luck and we’ll be following your progress along the way!


Rail Live 2016 importantly reflects the Rail Supply Group’s strategic vision of: Innovation, Skills, Export and Conditions for Growth – all geared to move the rail sector forwards to meet the new challenges in rail.

So last week the Long Marsden Rail Technology Centre was THE place to be for anyone involved in the UKs ever growing rail industry.

There appeared to be an almost ‘carnival atmosphere’ as thousands descended on the show’s opening day. They’d come to see demonstrations, catch up with friends and find out what new technologies are on offer.

Astra’s stand attracted a lot of interest with new products on show, many specifically designed for the Rail Industry. With a stand located next to the entrance – our team were kept on their toes from the minute the show opened with the croppers and shears proving a very popular attachment!