4 Jaw Pile Cropper


The 4 Jaw Pile Cropper will cut 300-600mm insitu round piles on site without the need to alter the unit on site.

These specially engineered units are suspended via certified chains from the excavators hitch and lowered over the pile. The 4 jaw pile cropper can cut up to 1m (pile height) at a time, leaving a clean cut and undamaged re-bar.

All four rams close in on the pile and adjust automatically to crop piles from 300mm to 600mm with no need to leave the excavators cab.

Certified chains are supplied with each 4 jaw pile cropper.

Will fit excavators from 18-26 ton.

Excavator requirements: 2 way circuit.

Technical Specification

Pile DimensionPile Cropper RequiredExcavator RequiredWeight (inc chains)Dimensions Height xWidthChains requiredMax PressureOil FlowCircuit Requirments
300mm – 450mmAPB45018+ Tons1800 Kg1468 x 1669mm4 leg chain40/1202102 way circuit
300mm – 600mmAPB60018+ Tons1870 Kg1468 x 1669mm4 leg chain40/1202102 way circuit