Piling – 2 Jaw Cropper


2 Jaw Cropper

Our 2 Jaw Cropper or “Power Cropper” is an extremely powerful device with the ability to rapidly reduce square piles (cuts up to 350mm square piles). The 2 Jaw cropper is capable of cropping both the concrete and re-bar in pre-cast pile and can be used in tight spaces such as trenches.


The 2 Jaw Cropper has two operating functions;

  1. The 2 jaw pile cropper can rapidly crop the whole pile including the re-bar to a desired height
  2. The 2 Jaw pile cropper can then crop just the concrete pile, leaving the re-bar exposed

Technical Specifications

ModelCropping Range(square)ExcavatorApprox WeightNo. of RebarChainsFlow/minPressure Bar
AMB 350200-350 mm13 Ton+1018 Kg1-42 Leg40/80180-350


Not What You Are Looking For? – Astra Site Services have a wide range of Pile Cropping attachments to suit all scenarios, If the 2 Jaw does not suit you job try our other cropper options below


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