Compaction Plates

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Also known as Whacker Plates or Vibrating Plates.

Compaction Plates offer a cost effective and safer solution to soil/ground compaction.

These hydraulic excavator attachments increase both productivity and safety on site and are able to compact up to 50 to 60 cubic yards per hour.

Keeps employees out of trenches whilst compacting and are much more productive than hand held units. They are more effective then rollers giving greater impact force per square meter.

A comprehensive range of compactors are available with different plates available for varied trench widths.


  • Compacts soil in trenches, foundations and on slopes
  • Available to fit 2 to 30 ton excavators

Excavator requirements: Standard Breaker circuit.

Technical Specification

To Fit Excavator weightModelImpulse ForceBase Plate DimensionsWeight inc saddleOil FlowMax PressureCircuit Requirments
2-5 TonHC127 Ton305 x 760mm195 Kg30 l/min150 BarStandard
5-8 TonHP 1000/HC 157.2 Ton420 x 910mm535/395 Kg57 l/min150 BarStandard
12-20 TonHP 1600/HC 8507.3 Ton720 x 1000mm1100 Kg114 l/min150 BarStandard
20-40 TonHC 105010.5 Ton864 x 1364mm1400 Kg151 l/min150 BarStandard