Kerb Lifter


The Kerb Lifter is a mechanical grab suitable for handling parallel, plane and non-conical concrete elements, such as border stones, slabs, block steps and kerb stones.

The kerb lifter will lift an HB2 kerb (255x125x920mm)

  • The compact and lightweight EASYGRIP EXG can be attached to a carrier (loading crane, mini-excavator etc.) by means of hoisting belts or chains. Thus just one person is able to operate the grab mechanically.
  • The grab comes with two handles and thus is also suitable for a two-man manual operation.
  • Gripping Range: 0 – 300mm
  • Inside Height: 145 – 195mm
  • Gripper Length L mm: 235mm
  • Working Load Limit: 550kg
  • Unit Weight: 12kg
To Fit ExcavatorGripping RangeLoad capacityUnit Weight
1-8 ton0 – 300mm550Kg12Kg


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