Mini Crusher

Also known as Mini Pulverizer or a ‘Cracker’.

The mini crusher is commonly used for hard to reach demolition work; with a powerful crushing force and 360 degree hydraulic rotation (manual rotation).


  • Light demolition work
  • Demolishing walls, floors and ceilings
  • Secondary demolition
  • Available to fit 4-12 ton excavators

Excavator requirements: 2 way circuit. Rotation is manual.

Technical Specification

To fit excavator weight Model Weight Inc Saddle Crushing Force – Outer Tip Crushing Force – Blade Centre Rotation Max Pressure Oil Flow (l/pm) Max jaw open Circuit Requirments
4 – 9 Ton SMC03 – MS 385 Kg 32 Tons 105 Tons 360° 250 Bar 45 – 100 596 mm 2 Way Circuit