Multi Processors

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Our Soosan and Hydraram multi processors have different jaws to suit different applications.

The Soosan SUP25 Multi Processor has pulverizer jaw for cutting through re-enforced concrete with a blade for cutting re-bar and 360 degree rotation.

The Hydraram MK13 Multi Processor has a shear jaw for cutting through scrap and steel. With 360 rotation.


  • Demolition projects involving multi story buildings
  • Cutting through re-enforced concrete walls
  • Secondary demolition
  • Taking down steel structures
  • Available to fit 12-25 ton machines

Excavator requirements: 2 way circuit plus auxiliary for rotation.

Technical Specification

To fit excavator weightModelWeight Inc SaddleCrushing Force Outer TipCrushing Force Blade CentreRotationMax PressureOil Flow (l/pm)Max jaw openCircuit Requirments
17 – 25 TonSUP 25 RC Processor JAW2125 kg82 Tons202 Tons360°320 Bar150 – 250804 mm2 way plus auxiliary