Pile Hammers

Also known as EMV (Excavator Mounted Vibrator) Pile Drivers or Sheet Pile Hammers.

Pile hammers are a dedicated attachment for driving sheet piles into and pulling out of most ground conditions. Sheet piles are used to re-enforce banks or are put in as temporary structures to protect a workforce working below ground level.

There are 4 models of EMV available to suit different sizes of excavator and pile.

The pile hammer lifts the pile vertically using the built-in lifting chain; it is then tightly gripped in a powerful hydraulic jaw. Once secured, the pile is then vibrated using high frequency vibrations and the down-crowd force of the excavator boom (along with the self-weight of the pile) into the ground. This process works in reverse to extract piles.


  • Driving sheet piles in and pilling piles out of the ground
  • Available to fit 8-30 ton excavators

Excavator requirements: 2 way circuit and a drain line needs to be fitted.

Technical Specification

To Fit Excavator weight Pile Hammer Model Max Push/Pull Load Weight inc stand/saddle Weight without stand Max Pile Mass Oil Flow l/min Max Pressure Circuit Requirments
5-15 Ton EMV 70 2800 Kg 710 Kg 410 Kg 800 Kg 30-120 l/min 240-350 Bar 2 way circuit
7.5-24 Ton EMV 220 7500 Kg 795 Kg 370 Kg 800 Kg 90-250 l/min 280-350 Bar 2 way circuit
12-39 Ton EMV 300 15000 Kg 1250 Kg 625 Kg 800 Kg 13-2500 l/min 280-350 Bar 2 way circuit
25-45 Ton EMV 400 15000 Kg 1680 Kg 1008 Kg 1000 Kg 195-350 l/min 270-350 Bar 2 way circuit