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Also known as ‘Concrete Crushers’ or ‘Concrete Munchers’.

Pulverizers crush and process concrete on site separating it from re-bar and leaving behind smaller chunks, making the material easier for processing and manoeuvring. The jaws close together with a crushing force of up to 200 ton at the pulverizers centre. We have fixed jaw or rotational pulverizers available for hire.


  • Crushing concrete, separating it from re-bar
  • Demolishing re-enforced concrete structures
  • General demolition work
  • Available to fit 13-25 ton excavators
  • Manufacturer: Hydraram & Soosan

Excavator requirements: 2 way circuit needed for all pulverizers. Auxiliary circuit for rotating pulverizers.

Technical Specification

To fit excavator weightModelWeight Inc SaddleRotationCrushing Force – Tip EndCrushing Force – Blade CentreMax PressureOil Flow (l/pm)Max jaw openCircuit Requirments
18 – 25 TonPOSHER 200 Pulverizer1850 KgFixed70 Tons200 Tons320 Bar180 – 250864 mm2 Way Circuit
13 – 17 TonHFP 12V Fixed Pulverizer1550 KgFixed65 ton150 ton310 Bar120 – 200690mm2 Way Circuit
13 – 20 TonMK-13 Multi Processor – Pulverizer Jaw1900 KgRotational 36065 ton190 ton140 Bar180-250750mm2 way plus auxiliary
13 – 15 TonHRP 14 Rotating Pulverizer1450 KgRotational 36055 Ton140 ton310 Bar180-250705mm2 way plus auxiliary
5 – 9 TonHCC 5V Concrete Processor640 KgRotational 36025 Ton90 ton120 Bar80-150480mm2 way plus auxiliary