Riddle Buckets

Riddle buckets, Also known as Sorting, Shaker or Screening Buckets are a cost effective, heavy duty attachment, ideal for separating and sorting materials such as brick, general debris, concrete and stone.

Riddle Buckets can be an effective attachment to clean and dredge waterways, they are non hydraulic and can be submerged in water.


  • Spreading finer stones and soils
  • Dredging rivers and blocked waterways
  • Sorting, screening and processing materials on site
  • Available to fit 5-35 ton excavators

Excavator requirements: Non-hydraulic attachment.

Technical Specification

To Fit Excavator weight Weight inc saddle
5-8 Ton 325kg
12-18 Ton 520kg
18-24 Ton 1085kg
25-35 Ton 1500kg (approx)