Piling – Square Pile Croppers

The Square Pile Cropper, also known as pile breakers or pile crushers, is used to cut pre-cast concrete piles ranging from 140mm-350mm wide with 4-8 rebar.

Square Pile croppers are suspended by a 4 leg chain from the excavators hitch and lowered over the pile. The square pile cropper has 4 powerful rams that cut the pile to the desired height leaving, just the re-bar behind.

This attachment gives a ‘clean cut’ and significantly reduces pile cropping time compared with the use of hydraulic hammers or other methods.

Certified chains are supplied with each pile cropper unit.

Round Pile croppers are also available.

Technical Specification

Pile Dimension Pile Cropper Required Excavator Required Weight (exc chains) Cut off Level No of rebars Max Pressure Oil Flow
140mm – 250mm 2.5 TAETS 7-20 Tons 370 Kg 50mm 4 300 Bar 12 l/min
190mm – 320mm 3.0 TAETS 7-20 Tons 408 Kg 50mm 4 300 Bar 12 l/min
275mm-350mm 3.5 TAETS 7-20 Tons 438 Kg 50mm 4 300 Bar 12 l/min