Piling – Trench Cropper

The Trench Cropper is used to cut piles in tight, narrow spaces and it’s not possible to use a standard pile cropper.

Using the Trench Cropper:

  • – Will cut 350 – 1000mm round piles
  • – Crops 300-350mm round piles in trenches as narrow as 600mm wide.
  • – Popular with housing foundations.
  • – Ideal when working with piles in foundations & footings that require (or allow for) minimal excavation.

Taets are the world’s leading manufacturer of pile cropping equipment and Astra are the sole UK dealer for all Taets equipment.

Technical Specification

Model Cropping Range Excavator Approx Weight Flow/min Pressure Bar
Type 45 350-450 mm 12 Ton+ 600 Kg 20 350
Type 80 600-800 mm 20 Ton+ 1050 Kg 40 350
Type 100 800-1000 mm 30 Ton+ 2600 Kg 60 350


Not What You Are Looking For? – Astra Site Services have a wide range of Pile Cropping attachments to suit all scenarios, If the Trench Cropper does not suit you job try our other cropper options below

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