Erkat Rock Wheels



The Erkat Rock Wheel offers more accuracy than breakers and they are ideal for trenching in hard, rocky conditions.

Unlike other rock wheels the Erkat cutters we supply have the motor mounted on the side and not contained in the rotating drum. This patented design means the motor is protected from unnecessary damage.

Product Features

  • 360 degree rotation
  • Low noise and vibration for excavation in noise sensitive areas
  • Extensions available for deeper trenching
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany


  • Trenching, quarrying, tunnelling and rock excavation
  • Can be used to lower or level concrete or rocky surfaces
  • Descaling walls in tunnels
  • Precision excavation (when pipes etc must be avoided)

Available to fit 8-18 ton excavators

Manufacturer: Erkat

Excavator requirements: Standard breaker circuit.