Taets Square Pile Croppers



Taets are the world’s leading manufacturer of square and round pile croppers. The Taets square pile cropper is used to cut pre-cast concrete piles ranging from 140mm-350mm wide with 4-8 rebar.

Pile croppers are suspended by a 4 leg chain from the excavators hitch and lowered over the pile. The square pile cropper has 4 powerful rams that cut the pile to the desired height leaving, just the re-bar behind.

Product Features:

  • Enables a low cut of level of pile.
  • No cracks below cut off level.
  • Gives perfect horizontal fracture on pile & no damage to re-bar.
  • No noise or vibration.
  • Certified chains can be supplied with each pile cropper unit.


  • Cutting pre-cast square concrete piles 140-350mm.

Manufacturer’s warranty and full product support are available on all new pile croppers.

New and used Taets pile croppers are available to fit 8-20+ ton excavators.

Excavator requirements: Two way circuit.

Round Pile croppers are also available.