Trevi Benne Pulverizers



The Trevi Benne series of Rotating and Secondary (Fixed) Pulverizers are a popular demolition tool.

The Trevi Benne Series FR Rotating Pulverizers are specially designed hydraulic rotating concrete crushers for primary demolition of buildings and recycling.

The structural characteristics of this pulverizer allow the operator to tackle the primary and secondary demolition phases with just one equipment. As precise and quick as a crusher thanks to the continuous hydraulic rotation, powerful and productive thanks to the jaws typical of a demolisher.

The Trevi Benne Series Secondary (Fixed) Pulverizers are specifically designed for secondary demolition of buildings and recycling.

The fixed hydraulic pulverizer is suitable for the secondary demolition phase. Its particular hook shape makes it extremely versatile for use on the ground, allowing the demolition of boundary walls and vertical cement structures of medium height, paving and slabs. The pulverizer has a steel cutting blade at rear of the jaw for cutting reinforcing material in concrete.

Product Features (on all models)

  • Interchangeable teeth/wear parts
  • Made of durable HARDOX-400 steel®
  • Equipped with an oil regeneration valve for extremely rapid work cycles
  • Equipped with a heavy duty double ball bearing swivel head and enhanced rotation motor


  • Demolishing concrete and steel structures
  • Primary and secondary demolition of buildings
  • Processing materials on site/ crushing concrete

Manufacturer’s warranty and full product support are available on all new Trevi Benne Attachments.

New and used Trevi Benne Pulverizers are available to buy to suit excavators from 12 – 55 ton.

A range of pulverizers both fixed and rotating are available for hire nationwide.

Excavator requirements: Two way plus auxiliary (Rotation) circuit.