Erkat Patch Planers



The Erkat Patch Planers are cold milling attachments for asphalt & concrete with adjustable cutting depths.

Patch Planers can work in every position on horizontal, vertical and inclined surfaces (can even work overhead in tunnels). The planer provides a superb finish and the extracted material can be used as back fill.

Product Features

  • Hydraulically control cutting depths up to 19cm
  • Low vibration and thick housing for less noise
  • Extensions available for deeper trenching
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany


  • Road repairs and maintenance
  • Re-surfacing
  • Can be used to lower or level concrete or rocky surfaces (depth control)
  • Descaling walls in tunnels

Available to fit 8-18 ton excavators

Manufacturer: Erkat

Excavator requirements: Standard breaker circuit.